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3E Performance is a suite of interventions offered by People Skills Associates Ltd that help people and organizations achieve their utmost potential. Of course this is not what makes 3E Performance unique. Three things make it unique – the intuitive approach of 3E Performance, the fact that it is scalable and the fact that its transformation impact is both demonstrable and measurable.

The core of the 3E Performance approach is something we call Inspired Performance Thinking. It is the way we get people to look at the relationship they have with what they do. It goes beyond what motivates them. It is about what inspires them – why, as well as how. The result is that as the intervention progresses individuals fall in love with what they do and all over again, if they once did. They are able to crack through unexamined and limiting assumptions, norms and habits to release discretionary effort trapped inside them. They move beyond mere compliance to authentic ownership of what they do, leading to ordinarily unimaginable and uncommon performance and excellence.

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